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Delivering high-quality produce to your schools.


JR Holland is a leading provider of food for the education sector in the North East. As a trusted, independent business, we have become the go-to commercial food supplier for schools, colleges, and universities.

We are committed to supplying market-fresh produce daily, ensuring that young minds are fuelled with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

Our premium, fresh produce is sourced from hand-picked suppliers across the UK and beyond, bringing the best cuisine to your local area.

As the oldest established importer and distributor of chilled, fresh produce in the North East of England, we have unparalleled experience and expertise, and have established ourselves as a leading education foodservice.

Education food service 

JR Holland are experts in catering for educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities. With years of experience, we understand the needs of school kitchens and are dedicated to providing delicious and nutritious meals.

Our dedication to providing the highest quality produce ensures that young minds are fuelled with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

We are passionate about providing access to fresh, tasty, and healthy food, promoting a balanced diet for those in education

Our products

JR Holland supplies top-quality, seasonal, market-fresh produce to education establishments, encouraging balanced eating patterns. Our total quality assurance policy delivers exceptional value.

We also offer pre-prepared produce for convenience, as well as a range of catering essentials including dairy, pantry goods, bakery products, cheese, meats, herbs, and eggs.

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At JR Holland we are a top Catering industry supplier. Read more on our drive to deliver high quality, restaurant produce to your workplace.


We are a trusted, independent business and the go-to North East commercial food supplier within the healthcare sector. We deliver to our customers with our promise of Organic Produce Wholesale.

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At JR Holland Food Services, we value our customers above all else. That’s why we always make sure our deli food supplies are of an extremely high standard. We take pride in providing the freshest, most flavourful ingredients to ensure that every meal is delicious.