Hot Cross Buns: A Delicious Tradition

Home cooked hot cross buns in oven tray ready to eat.

Hot Cross Buns: A Delicious Tradition

Hot cross buns are a beloved Easter tradition, enjoyed by many across the world. These sweet, spiced buns are typically made with currants or raisins and marked with a cross on the top. 


The origins of hot cross buns are somewhat unclear, with some historians tracing them back to ancient Greece, while others believe they originated in medieval England. Regardless of their origins, hot cross buns have become a staple of Easter celebrations, with many families enjoying them toasted and buttered on Good Friday.

In addition to their religious significance, hot cross buns are also steeped in folklore and superstition. In the past, it was believed that hot cross buns baked on Good Friday would never go stale and that they had the power to protect against evil spirits and prevent shipwrecks.

These days, hot cross buns are a delicious way to welcome the spring season and they are enjoyed by people from different cultures and faiths. Whether you like them warm and buttered, or fresh from the oven, hot cross buns are a delightful snack.

So why not order some delicious hot cross buns this Easter season? With their sweet, spicy flavour and rich history, they are sure to become a favourite.

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