8 Foods To Fight The Common Cold

8 Foods To Fight The Common Cold

The common cold is one of the things that we dread the most as soon as Autumn/Winter starts to roll around. Did you know that on average, it is reported that adults tend to catch anywhere from two to four common colds every year, while children are predicted to get as many as five to 10 a year, down to their low immune system. 


You will have heard of the phrase; “Feed a cold, Starve a flu”, right? And sadly, that is one of the only things that can actually help the process of being thrown full throttle into a heavy cold. It tends to run its course (approximately 10 days) and requires you to sweat it out, feed it and wait it out, unfortunately. However there are certain foods that you can enjoy (albeit if you can taste the flavour!) that can help to speed up the recovery process and feed you feeling fit again! Take a look at what we recommend here at JR Holland… 


8 Foods To Fight The Common Cold


Fruit and Vegetables are two food groups that you should be relishing in when you feel like you either have the onset of a common cold, or you are suffering in the midst of one. Check out what you should be including in your diet to be fighting fit once more… 


Oranges –


Vitamin C is an essential nutrient to consume in your diet when you are feeling under the weather, and oranges are one fruit that is jam-packed with Vit C goodness! It is said that not only can the Vitamin C in oranges help to reduce the duration and severity of a common cold, but it can also help to prevent you from catching the cold when you could be exposed to illness-inducing environments such as a busy office workplace or school. 


Blueberries –


Who would have thought blueberries would have a significant impact on your health when it comes to the common cold? However, they are a small but mighty fruit when it comes to being full of antioxidants that can help to both treat AND prevent coughs and common colds. It is reported that a class of antioxidants that were found in blueberries made adults 33% LESS likely to catch a cold than those who did not consume the fruit or supplements daily.


Tomatoes –


Tomatoes are another food group that has a high concentration of Vitamin C (just one medium sized tomato actually contains over 16 milligrams of Vitamin C!), which in turn aids to fuel and strengthen your immune system. Research suggests that if your diet contains a Vitamin C deficiency it can actually lead to a lower resistance to specific pathogens, leading to illness.


Spinach –


Did you know that spinach is classed as a superfood? Overall, it has a great impact on the state of your health. Not only does its fibre intake support your digestive system (which is great for consuming a higher intake of food during a cold!), but it also contains Vitamin C! One of the main nutrients that fights colds and prevents sickness. 


Garlic –


We are all aware of the reputation that Garlic has for being one of the best cold-curing foods. It’s strong, powerful taste means its properties can help to fight off germs and it helps in protecting your body’s immunity levels. Research shows that a group of people who consumed garlic over a three-month period only had 24 cases of the common cold, which seen a decrease in comparison to the 65 cases asked. 


Eggs –


Egg yolks are full of immunity-boosting nutrients, and contain a high count of Vitamin D, which is essential for regulating and strengthening your body’s immunity shield. Research carried out suggests that those who consumed a daily serving of Vitamin D during the winter season were less likely to catch a common cold or any other respiratory infection, compared to those with a lower Vitamin D count consumed. 


Yoghurt –


Yoghurt is the perfect soothing food to enjoy when you are in the midst of common cold. One of the most popular side effects to a cold can be a tickly / sore throat. Yoghurt can provide a source of relief on a sore throat, and is filled with probiotics – and if you opt for Greek Yoghurt – it contains more protein than regular yoghurt, giving off more energy (which is definitely appreciated when you feel lethargic and tired!).


A glass bowl of white yoghurt with a wooden spoon next to it

Whole-Grain Bread –


Whole grains contain anti-inflammatory properties, which allow for an increase in the production of healthy bacteria. It is beneficial to opt for a whole-grain bread option rather than a starchy white bread, as it does support your gut health which is important for fending off germs prone to kick-starting a common cold. 


Drinks To Enjoy With Cold-Preventing Properties


Not only should we be feeding a common cold, but we should be cautiously aware of what we also drink when we are struggling with a cold. Fizzy drinks and high-counts of caffeine are certainly no-go’s for supporting the healing of a cold – but check out what beverages ARE recommended to help…


Green Tea –


Okay, we know we have just said that caffeinated drinks do not help but more so hinder the common cold, but a Green Tea is the exception, with a low count of caffeine involved. Not only is it a fantastic drink to aid weight loss, but it is great for fighting off a cold. Containing flavonoids (an antioxidant that boosts your immunity), it contains anti-inflammatory properties, which can aid to squash cold-starting bacteria and viruses


Ginger Tea – 


We’re all aware that Ginger is one of the best drinks for relief from the common cold. Whether you blitz it down in a smoothie or juice, or you brew it in a hot cup of water with lemon, it contains anti-inflammatory properties that work to combat a cold or flu, by boosting your immunity levels.


Water – 


The most obvious of all – water – and it’s free! When you are feeling under the weather it is the easiest thing to be able to stomach, and helps to flush out all of your toxins and ensure you are hydrated and nourished. We lose more fluids when we are unwell, so it is always recommended to consume the recommended eight glasses of water to ensure you don’t feel perished, which prolongs the suffering of the common cold. 


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