Inspiration For Your Autumn Menu

Vegetable Assortment

Inspiration For Your Autumn Menu

Autumn is officially upon us and boy do we notice! Gone are the milder climates and long, light nights, and incoming is the crisp morning, wet, windier weather and gloomy dark evenings! But it’s not all bad – because Autumn is a brilliant time to switch up your recipes, try something different and explore and experiment with the in-season produce! 


At JR Holland we like to supply our customers with the freshest produce, whether it be fruit, vegetables or dairy to name a few; our list of supply is endless and we always source responsibly with local farmers in the UK. We cater to a variety of sectors including Hospitality, Education, Healthcare Providers, Workplace Caterers, Local Authorities and Local Eateries. If you are thinking it is time to switch things up a bit and you are looking for some innovating inspiration for your Autumn menu, then you have come to the right place! Let’s ‘tuck’ in, shall we…


What’s In Season This Autumn?


Popular produce that you will find in season throughout Autumn can stem from Rhubarb, Beetroot, Carrots, Parsnips, Swede/Turnip, Potatoes, Leeks, Onions, and general salad lettuce produce. Most of which are great ingredients for stirring up a cosy, autumnal bowl of goodness to see you through from September to December! Take a look at our recipe ideas for a little inspiration that can go a long way…  


Inspiration For Your Autumn Menu


Turnip Tartiflette


A turnip tartiflette is winter veg take on a traditional potato baked dish. Taking just ten minutes to prepare, and 40 minutes to cook, it is a straight forward recipe idea from BBC Good Food. Whether you are cooking this dish for a school of young children or a fancy restaurant in town – it is set to please everyone this Autumn, keeping you happy and warm – the absolute epitome of comfort food! 


Health Benefits:


Turnip is a veg that is high in fibre, therefore it aids in assisting your bowel movements with ease. It also includes potassium, which is thought to help lower your blood pressure and help arteries to dilate, in addition to being reported as a good vegetable to consume to fight away illnesses such as cancer, and aid in weight-loss and digestion areas. 


Leek & Fennel Soup With Poached Haddock


As opposed to creating a traditional leek soup – we thought we would bring something a little different to the table, with the help of Why not try this delicious, unique Leek and Fennel Soup with Poached Haddock – for an aromatic twist on a comfort food bowl of goodness! Taking under an hour to stir up, it will deliver on the gourmet taste AND look that your menu may be missing! 


Health Benefits:


Leeks are jam-packed with nutrients – meaning they are low in calories but high in their vitamins and minerals. They can assist in reducing inflammation and promoting heart health, they can aid in weight-loss along with a balanced diet, and can promote healthy digestion. 


Beetroot Soup With Feta, Radish & Croutons


Throughout Autumn time, we always look out for a place to eat that provides warm, delicious comfort food that is rich in flavour and will keep our tummies full till the next meal! With beetroot being in season throughout Autumn, why not try blending your beets a little different and making your very own homemade Beetroot soup with feta cheese, radish and croutons?! Sounds absolutely delicious, and is sure to catch the eye of any customer having this on your Autumn menu! Taking 20 minutes to prepare and impressively under an hour to cook; head to the BBC Good Food page and save the recipe card for yourself! 


Health Benefits:


Beetroot mainly consists of 87% water, meaning it is incredibly hydrating and nutritious for the body! It is a rich source of fibre, and a good source of vitamins and minerals! Incredibly versatile for both sweet and savoury dishes, it is definitely worth experimenting with! 


Rhubarb Crumble Muffins


For a quick and easy ‘on-the-go’ snack, why not utilise this seasons in-produce of rhubarb? Rhubarb is incredibly versatile, you can cook it in savoury dishes, sweet plates AND refreshing drinks! Why not try out this Rhubarb Crumble Muffin bake courtesy of BBC Good Food? Perfect for popping in the reception of your hotel as a comforting, warm snack for your guests arrivals, offering on a restaurant’s children’s menu and of course as a weekly treat at your local school! 

Health Benefits:


Rhubarb is high in fibre, provides antioxidants, is proven to have lowered cholesterol levels!


Delicious Homemade Chips


Why buy chips when you can order our delicious potatoes and make your very own homemade ones?! Whether you prefer chunky door-stopper hand-cut chips, or thin and fluffy fries, the choice is yours. BBC Good Food have a super simple recipe to follow using sunflower oil, flaked sea salt and malt vinegar. Taking anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes to cook, you’re sorted in a deep frying flash! (Like what we done there?)


Health Benefits:


Of course chips are not always the healthiest way to enjoy potatoes, but in consideration – they will do you no harm! They are a great source of Vitamin C and Potassium (with the skins on), they are a great provider of fibre, and of course – very yummy for any day of the week!


Pear Salad With Creamy Walnut


Give your traditional salad a bit of a boost for Autumn time, and mix it up a bit with fruit and nuts! Try slicing a pear, very thin, and fanning it across your salad leaves – whether you prefer gem lettuce, spinach or watercress – they are all in season throughout Autumn along with round tomatoes so the choice is yours! And sprinkle some creamy walnuts over for a delicious mix of tastes and textures!


Health Benefits:


Salada bring the obvious health benefits from fruit and vegetables in addition to aiding in cutting down on the calories as a lighter, healthier option!

Fresh Pears


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If you are a chef, or you own your own restaurant, hotel or pub, or if you work in the kitchen at your local school, or local health provider for example; then get in touch today to order only the best, freshest wholesale produce in the North East of England. Our telesales team here at JR Holland are incredibly friendly and supportive and will take care of your order every step of the way! Simply give us a call on 0191 491 0856! 

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