The Benefits Of Using JR Holland

The Benefits Of Using JR Holland

Here at JR Holland, we are a privately-owned, independent business located in the heart of the great North East. We are extremely dedicated to our craft and delivering our promise of bringing you only the freshest of wholesale produce. We have built a good relationship with our clients across the city and we are well-known for our food services in the area. We are here to share with you the benefits of using JR Holland Food Services… 

Fresh market produce

The Benefits Of Using JR Holland


We Cater To Varied Sectors 


We are known as one of the top restaurant suppliers in the North East, but in addition to catering to local Restaurants big and small, we also supply businesses from varied industries such as Pubs, Hotels, Education sectors, Healthcare providers, Workplace Caterers and Local Authorities


Responsible Suppliers 


We will always buy British products to support the suppliers who are local to us and source their produce responsibly. This also works in conjunction with our strive for reduced food miles, therefore sourcing as locally as possible means a reduced transport cost and minimising a negative impact on the environment. 


However, with exotic produce such as bananas, pineapples and oranges this tends to not be possible therefore we always make it our priority to work with companies that are committed to an equitable relationship with farmers from the developing world. 


Our Delivery Service


We are extremely committed to ensuring that all of our fresh wholesale produce gets distributed on time and arrives as expected of high quality. We value our dedicated team as our most valuable asset here at JR Holland and they collectively have years of experience within working with fresh produce, delivery aspects and customer care to provide you with top class service. 


Our delivery drivers successfully get over one hundred orders out of the warehouse on a daily basis – and put in the dedicated hours between Monday to Saturday in order to do so. We can also offer you Next Day Delivery requesting that you place your orders for fresh bakery goods, dairy products and prepared veg by the times stated over on our website


Extensive Produce


Yes, we do specialise in supplying our customers with only the freshest fruit and vegetable produce, however, did you know we also distribute dairy, bakery and pantry goods too? We can supply your business with canned foods, soups and sauces, meats, herbs and spices, eggs, seasonal produce specialities and many, many more. Check out our Produce Brochure to find what you are looking for! 

Sandwich fillings

Environment Friendly 


As a large distribution company, we are consciously aware of the impact that we can have on the environment! Therefore this is why we have set guidelines in place that we work by in order to help the environment as much as we can in addition to always thinking of new ways that we can help to reduce waste and pollution: 


Delivery Improvements 

We are aware that making over one hundred daily deliveries can have an impact on our pollution levels, therefore all of our vans have an advanced IT tracking, routing system and SmartDrive cameras in place which ensures that all of our drivers are optimising their fuel efficiency as best as possible. We simply use Euro 5 vehicles, where the fridges have direct drive units, removing the need for diesel dependant refrigerator systems. In addition to offering advanced training to all of our drivers to ensure this, and a significant proportion of our produce is collected by ourselves on backhaul, to simply reduce the transportation of empty trucks. 


Reduce Waste 

Here at JR Holland we operate a returnable crate system helping to ultimately use 250,000 fewer cardboard and wooden boxes per year and saving 1000 tonnes of cardboard and paper waste on a yearly basis. We also recycle 80 percent of our packaging from our suppliers! 


Place Your Order


If you would like to work with us here at JR Holland, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0191 491 0856. If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss our product range and pricing, a member of our sales team will be more than happy to visit you at your request! If you would like to place your order with us, simply contact our Telesales team on the number above, or give us an email at

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