Celery Juice: The Latest Craze

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Celery Juice: The Latest Craze

These days it feels like there is always some new craze within the food and drink industry, whether it be attempting to live Vegan for a whole month, ‘Instagrammable’ food, and juice cleanses. And speaking of juice cleanses, here at JR Holland today we want to talk about the latest big juice ‘hype’ making its way around social media one post at a time. You guessed it – The Celery Juice craze…

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It’s All About Celery


Celery is a plant of the Apiaceae family and can be an integral part of certain cuisines around the world. It is suggested to originate from the Mediterranean and North Africa and is most commonly used as an ingredient in soups, salads, used as a garnish and ate as a snack served quite commonly with hummus, as it is filling but not fattening.


The Health Benefits Of Celery


    • Celery boasts many minerals such as calcium, sodium, copper, magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium, it also contains vitamins A, B, K C, E & D and provides a great source of fibre.
    • Lowers your cholesterol levels – it is reported that if consumed every day it may reduce artery-blocking cholesterol – meaning better health for your heart. In addition to this, the fibre levels in celery also help to flush any cholesterol out of the bloodstream with regular bowel movements, ultimately boosting your cardiovascular health.
    • Reduced blood pressure – as celery contains phthalides it can lower the levels of stress hormones in your blood. Interestingly, according to a report in 2009 celery has hypolipidemic effects on your body that allow your blood vessels to expand ultimately giving your blood more room to move and reducing your blood pressure.
    • Prevents UTI’s – celery seeds are said to help within the elimination of uric acid as it stimulates the need to urine. This means that consuming celery is great for those who suffer from bladder disorders, kidney problems and cystitis.
    • Lower Arthritis pain – if you suffer from Arthritis then you will know how painful it can sometimes be. But did you know that eating celery is great in aiding the pain due to its anti-inflammatory benefit that reduce swelling, aches and pains around your joints.
    • Boosts your immune system – celery is great for boosting your immune system due to its rich vitamin C antioxidants meaning your risk of catching a common cold can be reduced!
    • Reduces Asthma symptoms – again, the vitamin C properties in celery prevent damage and with the anti-inflammatory properties it reduces the severe inflammatory conditions such as asthma.
    • Relieve migraines – nobody enjoys having a migraine but were you aware that celery is reported to suppress nitric oxide released to the brain, which is what can cause headaches and migraines.
    • Improves your eye health
    • Can promote weight loss – due to a low calorie count and high fibre intake it can help to aid your loss of weight and fill you for longer!




Celery Juice


Having read the extensive list of health benefits that celery brings with it, it is no wonder that it is doing its round in households up and down the country right now! Simply cut the bottom of the stems and rinse generously under cold water, before chopping up and blending until you get a thin juice consistency. More common recently, people have been consuming celery juice neat, so only using the one ingredient however if this seems a little bit too much for your liking, then we have put together a handful of different recipes that you can add to your celery juice to enhance the flavour and add to the health benefits:


Celery and Apple


Apple is a great fruit to add to your blended celery juice as it adds the perfect natural sweetness and adds to the fresh, organic taste.


Celery and Ginger


Ginger is perfect for adding to your food and drink as a natural immune booster and also acts as a natural aid to reducing inflammation to the aching and swelling of joints – perfect for after a workout!


Celery, Kale and Kiwi


A super green cleanse! Why not add kale and kiwi to the mix for a sweet touch and packed full of iron rich vegetables!


Share With Us

If you try out the famous celery juice, please share your photos with us over on our social media (@jrhollandfs) as we would love to see what recipes you have tried and the benefits you find it having on your general health and well-being!

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