JR Holland: Here To Help

JR Holland: Here To Help

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who is helping with the national effort to fight and beat COVID 19. To all health care workers, first responders, supermarket employees, pharmacists and any other individual that is working to protect our health and help us maintain our daily lives, we would like to say a wholehearted THANK YOU. 

We’re currently living in unprecedented times. The mayhem that is COVID 19 continues to engulf us. We are standing strong as a community and we WILL get through this TOGETHER.

The outbreak poses a threat to supermarkets across the country. They may struggle to manage their workforce and stock levels. Small labour shortages will likely create gaps in the supply chain. Yet, as the days turn into weeks, it’s clear that the supermarkets, in particular their workforce, are handling all of this with great strength and determination. 

Our Team, Our Service, Here to Help

As a company that has access to fresh produce, we are determined to help our community. We typically supply fresh produce to all sectors of the catering industry. We are a wholesale food supplier and have not been in retail since we closed our last shop in 1977. 

As of the 19th of March, we opened our doors to the general public and are now selling Fruit, Vegetables, Salad and Essential items. 

We would like to point out that this is not profitable for us, but a service to our community. We are incredibly happy to see the wonderful feedback we are getting. Our food boxes are helping a lot of people who are unable to access fresh produce due to self-isolation and quarantine. Especially the vulnerable.

Currently, we are only selling our boxes from the depot but we have had a huge uptake of people asking for deliveries. At the minute we cannot deliver but we are working with other local companies to offer a value delivery service to vulnerable people, self-isolating people and NHS employees. 

Food Box FAQs

Please check out our Food Boxes FAQ page for information on how to collect your own food box or have one delivered to you or a family member.

Food Box Updates

For regular updates on our Fruit, Veg, Salad and Essential Items boxes here at JR Holland, please stay tuned to our Facebook page!

We need your help! 

To continue to support our community through these unprecedented times, we are looking to piece together a box for the elderly. What would you like to see in the boxes? Please fill out our survey and let us know

These boxes will be in smaller quantities – but if you think there is something we have missed please let us know.


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