June Crop Update

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June Crop Update

In the ever-fluctuating world of fresh produce, we are currently navigating a challenging period marked by a shortage of several key vegetables in the UK. This shortage is attributed to a confluence of factors, including adverse weather conditions, heightened demand, and ongoing supply chain disruptions.

Spinach: The spinach crop has been hit hard by a production gap caused by inclement weather. This has resulted in a noticeable shortfall in the market.

Tenderstem: As the Spanish growing season draws to a close, the availability of Tenderstem Broccoli has become increasingly scarce. Compounding this issue, the UK crop has suffered significant setbacks due to the recent bad weather. It is anticipated that it will take at least two more weeks before we can expect a substantial increase in volume.

Broad Beans: Transitioning to UK-grown crops, we are currently experiencing limited volumes that are expected to persist until the end of August.

At JR Holland, we understand the importance of these vegetables to our customers and are working diligently to mitigate the impact of these shortages. We are closely monitoring the situation and exploring all avenues to ensure a steady supply. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time and are committed to providing updates as the situation evolves.

We encourage our clients to be flexible and consider using alternative vegetables that are readily available where possible. Our team is ready to assist you with suggestions for substitutes that can work well with your menus.

Stay tuned for further announcements, and thank you for your continued support.


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