Schools Out: Nutritional Meals for your Children

Schools Out: Nutritional Meals for your Children

The school’s have officially broken up for the Easter holidays now and we know that it can be a difficult job to think of exciting new dishes night after night to make sure your children are having nutritious meals and not indulging in all the wrong things while their day to day routine is different to usual. At JR Holland, we are the eldest food wholesalers UK in the North East of England and pride ourselves on providing only the freshest fruit and veg to a variety of sectors including schools, healthcare, hospitality and many more. Today we have some inspiration for quick Spring inspired meals to ensure that your children are getting their five a day with every fork full…


Spring Specials


Layered Rainbow Pasta Salad

Pasta is always a great quick fix when you need a good meal made pronto. Using wholegrain pasta (the healthier option), just add a selection of rainbow salad for example; fresh peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweetcorn, and so on – and you can create an ultra healthy, colourful pasta dish that tastes delicious and is equally as nice to look at!


Shepherd’s Pie with Sweet Potato Alternative

A brilliant alternative to a traditional homemade shepherd’s pie is to replace the usual mashed potato topping with sweet potato. There are not many dishes more heartwarming than a good old shepherd’s pie and filled with garden peas and carrots, it is still a healthy dish in moderation, with the replacement of the sweet potato. Serve with fresh vegetables for extra goodness.


Salmon Fishcakes

Pack in your healthy Omega three with a serving of oily fish such as salmon, in a healthy, homemade fishcake. Omega three provides goodness for our brain, heart and nervous system so it’s the perfect quick fix dish to serve your little ones. Accompany with either sweet potato or a side salad for added nutritional value.


Homemade Pizza

We all love a pizza night! But why not get your little ones involved in an interactive cooking lesson with you in the kitchen and make your very own homemade pizzas from scratch! Simply make your base then complete with an array of fresh vegetables and even fruit, such as peppers, avocado and tomatoes to make a traditionally fast-food style meal more healthy and nutritional for your child.


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