The 4 Food Trends That Will Shape 2020…

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The 4 Food Trends That Will Shape 2020…

It’s that time of year where we are starting to think about what trends will unfold in 2020… The food and drinks industry is constantly changing, and for restaurants, keeping up with these consumer trends can be hard but rewarding work! Here at JR Holland, we have researched and compiled some trends for the food and drinks industry which we will expect to see in 2020!

#1 Locally sourced food

Consumers are wanting more and more control over what they are buying and eating and because of this, more people will start choosing locally sourced or natural foods. Having a wide variety of choice is so important to consumers now, especially when they know exactly where it came from and the journey from field to fork

 #2 Organic produce

The hype surrounding natural and organic food isn’t slowing down any time soon! It is thought that in 2020 we will actually see the biggest craze for this trend! Reducing additives and really understanding what is in the food that consumers are eating will be at the forefront of their mind. 

#3 Less waste

Sustainability is already a huge importance to consumers – over the course of the next couple of years we will see more and more people conscious of more matter surrounding sustainability, such as food waste.  Did you know that more than 50 million tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables is thrown away every year across Europe? Most of the time it is simply due to aesthetic reasons! 

#4 Convenient food 

On the go food and drink definitely isn’t a new trend! We have seen this happen for many years now. However, in 2020 we will see this trend escalate to a whole new level. With busy schedules, which are set to get even busier, our demands as a consumer are increasing even further. Therefore in order to keep up with this, retailers and food distributors are going to have to think outside the box to come up with the solutions to accommodate consumer demand. 

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