Veggie Burger Recipes

Veggie Burger Recipes

So you may or may not have known that earlier this week it was #NationalHamburgerDay! (May 28th) and with the schools being closed this week for spring half term, we thought what better timing than now to bring you this blog post! When you think of burgers you automatically think that they are unhealthy for you, right? And you probably find that you would usually steer your children away from them rather than encourage – however we are going to prove that it’s certainly not just a dish for the meat-lovers to relish in – because we have come up with a selection of ideas on how to create the perfect Veggie burger with our very own fresh fruit and vegetable produce from us here at JR Holland!


Veggie burgers are the perfect healthy option to throw on a summer BBQ, or to whisk up when you get home from work. With a lot more restaurants and eateries offering a wider scope of alternatives, it is now easier than ever to dip your toe in the water with trying meat-free burgers and actually liking them! Take a read at our inspiration for our top five ways to reinvent the burger and make the perfect Veggie alternative!


Veggie Burgers With A Twist


Halloumi Burger


Halloumi burgers are a fantastic Veggie alternative to the traditional hamburger – made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk, and sometimes the addition of cow’s milk – they can be rich in flavour and crunchy in texture. Why not top your burger with some fresh avocado, tomato and a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce for a fresh alternative to the traditional burger.

Beetroot and Feta Burger


Another great twist to the traditional burger is to make your very own homemade patties using beetroot and feta cheese! Oozing with sweet flavour, serve with spring onion, a mayonnaise dressing and a side of home-cut sweet potato chips!


Sweet Potato And Chickpea Burger


A super easy combination to cook up in the kitchen is our delicious recipe for a sweet potato and chickpea burger patty. Serve in a fresh brioche bun, with a side salad of greens and you’ve got yourself a burger without the guilt!

Portobello Mushroom Burger


Mushroom burgers are a big hit for a vegetarian alternative to the usual burger. Try melting some cheddar cheese over it, and laying on a bed of lettuce with red onion and tomato and enjoy!

Fruit-y Twist


If you like to get brave with your food, then why not try mixing your sweet with your savoury and add some fruit to your burger? Choose from any pattie above, and add some exotic fruits such as mango slices, pomegranate or pineapple. Or why not stick to the more traditional fruits such as apple? Perfect for a summer’s evening and healthy, adventurous twist!


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If you have liked our recipe inspiration on our top five ways you can alternate the traditional hamburger for a meat-free option, then please do get in touch with photographs of your home-cooked dishes to share with us, we would love to see! Also if you have any enquiries about the produce that we stock and deliver, don’t hesitate to get in touch – give us a call on 0191 491 0856!

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