Why You Should Buy Seasonal and Local Produce

Why You Should Buy Seasonal and Local Produce

Seasonal fresh produce refers to fruits and vegetables that are harvested during specific times of the year when they are naturally ripe and abundant. 

This produce tends to be more flavourful, nutritious, and cost-effective because it doesn’t require extensive transportation or artificial ripening methods. Additionally, consuming seasonal produce supports local farmers and reduces the environmental impact associated with long-distance transportation.

In this blog post, I will share with you some of the benefits of buying seasonal and local produce and supporting local distributors. As the founder of JR Holland, a family-owned business that supplies fresh produce to the North East of England, I have witnessed first hand the positive effects of supporting local agriculture and communities.

Benefits of Buying Seasonal and Local Produce

  • Freshness: Local produce is often fresher because it doesn’t have to travel long distances, meaning it retains more nutrients and flavour.
  • Supporting the Local Economy: Buying local supports farmers and small businesses in your community, helping to sustain local economies and livelihoods.
  • Environmental Impact: Local produce has a smaller carbon footprint since it doesn’t require extensive transportation. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.
  • Food Security: By supporting local producers, communities can become more self-sufficient in food production, reducing dependence on external sources.
  • Preserving Farmland: Supporting local agriculture helps preserve farmland and open spaces, maintaining the character of rural areas and preventing urban sprawl.

As you can see, buying seasonal and local produce has many advantages for you, your community, and the environment. At JR Holland, we are committed to providing you with the freshest and highest quality produce from local sources. We work closely with local farmers and distributors to ensure that you get the best products at the best prices.

You can also use our Seasonality Calendar to help you make informed decisions about what produce is in season when planning your menu.

If you are interested in buying seasonal and local produce from JR Holland, please contact us today. We would love to hear from you and help you enjoy the benefits of seasonal and local produce.

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